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Makes Stock Investing Easier

Ringgit Lab Elite provides one-stop supporting platform for stock trading, an exclusive service to registered clients with Zulhilmi Zolkfli MPlus.

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What Ringgit Lab Elite offers?

Everything you need to strengthen your stock trading for free

Ringgit Lab Elite

Our reliable and effective stock screener gives you ideas on which stocks to trade based on technical analysis.

Ringgit Lab Elite

Our intuitive trading journal will help you in improving your stock trading performance.

Ringgit Lab Elite

Our paper trading will let you practice trading using virtual money based on our intelligent simulation.

Ringgit Lab Elite

Save your favorite stock to your watch list and get notified (soon) when your favorite stocks hit at certain price.

Ringgit Lab Elite

Learn directly about stock trading with the learning materials prepared by various experienced remisiers.

Ringgit Lab Elite

Market News

Latest news related to the local and international stock markets to help you making trading decision.

How Ringgit Lab Elite helps you?

Ringgit Lab Elite is a one-stop center for your investment solution. We offer a set of trading tools to help you in your trading activities.

Ringgit Lab Elite

Step 1

Learning Materials

Prepare yourself with basic knowledge to stock trading. Familiarise yourself with the online trading platform to make sure your trading activities go smoothly. We provide learning materials from various experienced remisiers.

Ringgit Lab Elite

Step 2

Paper Trading

Practice yourself with virtual paper trading simulators before trading with actual money at actual markets. Paper trading will help you prepare with confidence and strategies. Read here to learn more.

Ringgit Lab Elite

Step 3

Potential Stock Screener

Utilize our stock screener to get some trading idea and get notified of potential stocks that you can buy including the trading plan such as resistant and support level. Read here to learn more.

Ringgit Lab Elite

Step 4

Broker's Trading Platform

Any purchase and sell order will be executed online on trading platform by yourself. Visit Zulhilmi Zolkfli website to learn more.

Ringgit Lab Elite

Step 5

Trading Journal

Discipline yourself to create a trading journal after every trade. Keep track of your progress, analyze your performance and plan for the next strategies that suit you well in trading stocks. Read here to learn more.

Coming Soon to Ringgit Lab Elite

We're dedicated to provide you the best one-stop supporting platform and keep improving the platform while developing new features to support your trading activities

Ringgit Lab Elite

Stock Indicators

Ringgit Lab Elite will provide various stock screener where you can select based on certain indicator such as 52WH, Bollinger-band breakout, 20MA and many more.

Ringgit Lab Elite

Automated Learning System

New to stock trading? Don't worry as our automated learning system will guide you so that you'll become an expert at the real market.

Ringgit Lab Elite

Portfolio Analysis

We believe that there are times when we are can't make a move because we're holding stocks with big losses. Our system will analyse your portfolio so that you can decide alternative ways to improve your portfolio performance.

Ringgit Lab Elite

Mobile apps

We are planning to develop a mobile app for both IOS and Android soon. We sure you'll love our mobile app. Imagine you can set alerts and get notified about market performance without having to monitor all the time.